Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well it's about time I updated I think. Far too much procrastination and clothes shame has been going on (alongside many a day spent at home in pj's) so time to get my act together and get back on the wagon.

Tommorrow is the BIG wardrobe cleanout which I am a little scared of right now. Especially considering 90% of it no longer fits.... ouch. But I will persist and hopefully rediscover a few things.

I still haven't had any success finding any cute tea dresses or floral prints in a size 16 so if anyone has any hints on where to find please let me know! I am desperate!

In the meantime I need a good nights sleep to prepare myself for the wardrobe assault in the AM.

Wish me Luck!


The Collector said...

Thank you for your lovely comment :)

Have you ever shopped in the Basque department in Myer? Every Summer they come up with some gorgeous dresses. Give it a few more weeks and I am sure that the department will be full of florals.

Skye said...

Good luck with your big wardrobe attack - it's a hard slog, but soooo satisfying when it's all done. I hope you rediscover some gems too. Hayley over at Fashion Hayley Hits Home found a really pretty floral dress at Jeanswest I believe which came in 16 (and maybe bigger I think).

kittentails said...

oh it will definitely be worth it. i'm the same, though. i shy away from big scary jobs!

but it is better to have a little bit of what you love and know what you have, than deluding yourself into thinking you have a lot of things but hate all of them, yknow!

good luck!!

Kirby said...

i have just cleared my wardrobe out as well i'm a size 14 and i finally had to come to the realization that i was not going to fit into my size 6 skirts again (-i was still holding onto the shred of hope!!) but after i had cleaned it all out i felt better.Now all the clothes i have fit me the ones that don't are gone, so now rather then being depressed because nothing in my wardrobe fits me, i can get dressed much quicker and its more fun :D and less soul shattering.
I'd also love to know where to find some girly dresses in bigger sizes to will keep watching.