Friday, July 11, 2008

Dreams & Dysmorphia

I'm going to be honest. Honest with myself and anyone who skims across this page. Fashion may be flimsy and fun and exciting and all of that stuff that gives you a rush when it just works but this week for me.. well it just isn't.

I think my prac uniform is the obvious culprit (see previous posts) but I don't think I can place the blame squarely on its shoulders. And without trying to be miss negativity I think the problem might be me.

I have many lovely clothes & accessories & shoes and so on but I feel like I'm stuck permanently on a bad fashion day. The sort where what looked fashion forward and great in front of the mirror ends making you feel like some overdressed fool all day because you really don't have Sienna Millers life.

But it gets worse... (cue jaws theme) my big problem really is: nothing fits. And realistically, not only do I not have Sienna Millers life but I most definately do not have her figure.

This blog is supposed to be about my embracing of my shape and proving that you don't have to be a waif or even what 'normal' constitutes to dress fashionably and appropriately which places me in a conundrum: how does one preach about not looking like snow white when secretly that is what I long to do.

So I'm seeking brutal honesty and constructive critiscism on the issue. Surely I am not the only one who finds the whole size/shape/fit thing difficult. Getting it out in the open though can only be beneficial. Already I feel better having thought/typed it through.

Where do you think about vanity sizing? Should shape dictate how short a skirt can be? How many clothes are in your closet that stay in your closet because they don't 'fit' right? Do you have days where you're positive everyone is looking at your outfit and not in a good way? Do Susannah & Trinny really have all the answers?

I think as girls growing up in the new millenium we owe it to ourselves to stop feeling dysmorphic as a gender and to start embracing shapes and to start placing pressure on the fashion industry to be realistic about bodies.


Skye said...

I just ignore the whole Trinny & Susannah thing and wear whatever the hell I like, whether it "works" on me or not. But that is my particular way of dressing, and always has been. I'm a size 10 now, but I'm only 5"2 so I think that looks a little too chunky for fashion really, and even as a size 6 I'm not shaped for true fashion. Doesn't stop me though - I like to play with clothes and be a little bit silly. Why should Sienna Miller have all the fun!

The Collector said...

I agree with skye.

I think it is important to
1) wear what you are comfortable in;
2) find what suit you;
3) don't mix too many colours;
4) mainly stick to classics; but
5) take some risks sometimes.

I for one love dresses.
Pants are something that I have great difficulty fitting for my body shape (small waist, ample booty and sway back) because they never fit right everywhere (gape at back and tight as across hips). Dresses are great because they skim over all of these 'problem areas'.

I ignore vanity sizing. I don't even look at the size anymore. I pick the garment up, judge whether it will fit me and try it on to see.
The stuff in my wardrobe ranges from size 6 to size 12 - go figure!

I think Trinny and Suzannah have some good ideas if you honestly have NO good ideas - but from what I can see on your blog you have great ideas and from the little of your outfits you have posted they look well put together, nice and thoughtful.

Just have fun, that is what fashion is all about :)

Hannah said...

I point blank ignore Trinny & Susannah and their tips. I think they often make people look dated and frumpy.

If I listened to them I'd be in knew length skirts because I don't have skinny legs, even though my legs look much longer in a mid thigh length skirt.

I completely agree with the collector on what she has said. Stick with what you feel works for you.

I ignore vanity sizing too. I think some places cut super small, and others cut super big. I don't let it bother me.

I also want to say that overdressing is fun, it just takes some getting used to!

That being said, I have so much clothing and I still always feel like I have nothing to wear. This is more a winter issue for me, though, because I feel the cold terribly, layer, and then feel super frumpy.

CoutureCarrie said...

I totally know what you mean about people staring and not in a good way . . . I think mostly it's in our heads. Yes, we may take risks and be fashion victims sometimes, but it's all part of the fun! If someone does a double-take because my outfit is too outrageous, that's okay! At least it provoked a response and maybe generated an interesting conversation :)
I am sure you are way more fabulous than you are giving yourself credit for!

The Exception said...

I actually like Trinny and Susannah, I think their rules are a good starting point. You can then interpret them, and create your own to suit your style.
In regards to vanity sizing? There are particular stores that I refuse to buy from just because their *large* is about an 8-10, and being a 12, it just makes shopping a bad experience. I refuse to wear a size 14 because I know I'm a 12 (10 in dresses). I want to feel good when I shop.

I understand that "feeling fabulous" in the morning, to leave the house and immediately think "what the hell am I wearing?" Getting past that takes experience, and stuffing a few times.

Know your key pieces. I have key jeans, dresses, tops, shoes, pants. If I feel like I look like crap, I wear my key pieces, because I know they fit well and look good.

Shape should dictate skirt length to some extent, as should skin condition, I have big thighs, and they aren't my best feature, I wouldn't wear a mini skirt/dress without tights, just because I wouldn't want to inflict that sort of trauma on anyone.

Sorry for writing an essay =S x I don't think you have much to worry about from the photos.

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